Jarrod Bannister (Australia)

Period of time coached 1997 - April 2008         Personal Best 89.02m

World Ranked No.2 Javelin 2008 89.02m

International Performances-

  1. Bullet Olympic Games- Beijing China 2008. 

  2. Bullet World Championships- Osaka Japan 2007 placing 23rd.  Ranked 16th in world in 2007.

  3. Bullet Commonwealth Games 2006 6th place 78.12m.

  4. Bullet World Junior Championships Jamaica 2002 4th in final 73.31m (winner Igor Janik 74.18m)

  5. Bullet Australian Performances- Australian open Champion 2007and 2008  Australian U20 Champion 2002

  6. Bullet Australian age group champion- 1996-2004.

2002  73.31m    2006  78.06m
2003  68.34m    2007  83.70m
2004  DNC       2008  89.02m
2005  73.20m

I coached Jarrod Bannister for 11 years as a 12 year old in Townsville until April 2008, where he produced a new Australian Open Record, Oceania Record and the longest throw in the Southern Hemisphere of 89.02m.  I lived in Townsville Queensland on two occasions and coached in the High Performance Athletic Centre at Pimlico High School run by Gary Cairns. The Centre produced many high performing athletes, such as Tim Paravaccini, Julie Bennell and Carly Cairns.

The development of Jarrod Bannister, through his early period as a teenager with some physical qualities but very poor technical model, was long and time consuming.  Jarrod came from a background in North Queensland that saw him win most events on raw talent and little training. Considerable time was spent over the next years developing his psychological profile to allow for the transition from a successful Little Athletics and junior competitor, to a seasoned senior athlete.

Jarrod competed at the World Junior Championships in Jamaica in 2002 and finished 4th with a personal best only 88cm from 1st place.The technical model that I employed with Jarrod included rotational movements which needed to be learnt and honed in.  From 2005-2008, a full time effort went into the development of all aspects of training. Weekly training included up to 21 sessions, from weight training, power development, throwing balls and javelins, drills, sprinting and bounding.

Over the 3 yrs between 2005-8, Jarrod made a 5 metre improvement each year. In 2006 Jarrod threw a personal best in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and continued in 2007 to post 83.70 winning the National Championships in Brisbane.  The European season in 2007 saw a 2nd place behind Thorkildsen at the DN Galan Games with 83.38m. Two months later at the World Championships in Osaka Japan, Jarrod missed the final with an inexperienced 77m performance.The decision to train on after the World Championships paid dividends when at the 2008 National Championships in Brisbane, on the last throw of the competition, Jarrod delivered the longest throw in the Southern hemisphere with a 89.02m world leading throw.






Petra Rivers (Australia)

Period of time coached - 1979-86                Personal Best 69.28m

World No.1  Women’s Javelin 1982 Australian record 69.28 metres  227’3”

International Performances

  1. Bullet World Junior Record 62.20m (204’2”)  17yrs old.  Open WR Ruth Fuchs East Germany 62.42m

  2. Bullet Olympic Games Moscow 1980, Los Angeles 1984 12th in Final . 

  3. Bullet Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Christchurch 1970, Gold Medal Edmonton 1974, Brisbane

  4. Bullet Silver 1982, 1986 Edinburgh 8th.  World Cup Rome 4th 1981, Australian National Open Javelin Title 9 times.

Petra is the best javelin thrower I have coached male or female. Petra was selected as a 14 yr old in a senior event, to represent the Commonwealth vs USA vs USSR meet. Her performances as a junior were world shattering with a world junior record of 62.20m. She took a 5 year break from track and field to complete her University degree. She came out of retirement to continue her throwing career and at age 29 yrs she totally changed her technique and produced a world leading throw of 69.28m at the National Championships in Brisbane 1982.

Her performance of 69.28m in 1982 was courageous as it was the world leading throw at the time.  She had a debilitating car accident where she suffered whiplash and her training was limited. She had reduced her run up to a half run up and had not been able to complete any lower body weight training for 8 months.

When Petra threw 69.28m the World Record was 70.08m by Biruilina (Russia). Petra was inline to obliterate the world record during that season with training throws of 62m 2 steps and 67m 4 steps. The car accident injuries took its toll and 2 weeks after throwing 68-72m training throws off 4 steps, we had to cancel a European Tour that included competition against Lilak, Sakorofa, Verouli, Whitbread, Sanderson.

During 1982 her performance of 62m second place at the Commonwealth Games behind Sue Howland 64m and Fatima Whitbread 56m 3rd place was another highlight. Petra was a quality person, she was very trustworthy, humble, honest and not self centered. She was a great competitor and possessed an unwavering resolve.




                                                                     Daniel Kratzmann (Australia)

Period of time coached  1999-2000 & 2006          Personal Best 76.91m
  1. Bullet World No.1 Junior 2000 Javelin throw 800g 75.26m 18 yrs old 6’4” 110kgs

  2. Bullet World Junior Championships South America 2000

  3. Bullet Australian U20 Champion 2000

Daniel was a precocious talent and by far the most talented male I have coached. At the same age as Jarrod Bannister, Josh Robinson and other juniors, Daniel produced the greatest improvement I have been involved with within a short time period. Daniel had thrown 57m in his last competition and commenced training with me and within 10 months threw a world leading 75.26m for an 18 yr old at the Telstra Grand Prix in Perth. This was a massive 18m improvement in that time. He finished second to the then Australian Record Holder Andrew Currey who just managed to beat him. Daniel was talented and had all what it took to throw over 90m. Daniel had a major knee reconstruction and took 2 years to get back into the form that saw him one of the best throwers in the world.

Bobby Smith (USA) 

Period of time coache d 2010 – 2011      Personal Best 76.80m ( 249’6”)

  1. Bullet NCAA Division I All-American – 2005           

  2. Bullet  2 Time IC4A Champion – 2005, 2006

  3. Bullet  2 Time North East Conference Champion – 2005, 2006

  4. Bullet  NCAA Division I Track and Field Men’s Field Athlete of the Year Mid-Atlantic District – 2006

  5. Bullet USA National Champion and Olympic Trials winner 2008 1st place

Bobby Smith contacted me in 2009 and was looking for a total change in his throwing technique and understanding of the javelin event. He had a number of different coaches all within the USA and had previous success throughout his high school and college careers. Bobby won the US Olympic trials beating Mike Hazle, Leigh Smith and Brian Chaput but his distance was short of the required A qualifier necessary to be selected in front of the 3 seeded throwers. Bobby had proven he could perform at meets where each thrower had the same conditions, which this day were windy and awkward. His quest was to now find the necessary changes to his technique to give 25 more feet to achieve the standard set by the IAAF and the USATF. Bobby’s dedication was his strength. After flying to Australia and training with me on two occasions, the last being 2 months, it was evident that Bobby could make significant changes to his technique and throwing.

After 22 months of training and 2 reduced competition seasons, Bobby has made significant changes to his technique and feeling of how to throw javelin the European way. He has become far more athletic in every way changing his running technique, his power has increased considerably, flexibility significantly improved and above all he now looks like he can set up positions to throw that he was unable to do before. Bobby epitomizes an athlete who could be open minded and make major technical and significant training changes in his late 20’s, that most US javelin throwers would not even consider.


Grace Zollman (USA)

Period of time coached 2010-2012  Personal Best 51.89m (170’2”)

  1. Bullet 10th place 2007 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships

  2. Bullet 1st place 2008 New York Relays with personal best of 51.06 meters

  3. Bullet 19th place 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials

  4. Bullet 1st place 2009 Princeton Elite Invitational with 50.03 meters

  5. Bullet 12th place 2010 USA Track and Field Outdoor Track and Field Championships

  6. Bullet 2nd place 2010 USA Track and Field Club Championships with 49.04 meters

Grace competed for St John’s University under athletic scholarship where she holds the schools record in women’s javelin. Top highlights while at St John’s include winning the Metropolitan Championship title, competing at Junior Nationals her freshman year, and competing at NCAA Regional Championships her Junior and Senior years. Post-collegiate highlights include finishing 10th in the 2007 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships and finishing 19th in the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials held in her native state of Oregon. In 2009 Grace won Princeton Elite Invitational with 50.03 meters, placed 12th in the 2010 USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships, and took second in 2010 USA Track and Field Club Championships. Grace began training with Garry Calvert in the summer of 2010 and has since engaged in a full-time training program. She will be contending for a spot on the USA team for 2012 Olympic Games in London.

                                                                                        Jen Austin (USA)

Period of time coached 2010-Present   Personal Best 54.60m (179’1”)

  1. Bullet 2001 USA Junior Team Member

  2. Bullet 2 Time NCAA Championship Competitor (2001 and 2003)                      

  3. Bullet 2004 Big East Champion

  4. Bullet 2011 USATF Championship Qualifier

  5. Bullet New PB of 52.12m 2011 Tucson Elite Throwers Meet

Jen Austin is a focused young woman who has begun throwing again after a 7 year break. In May 2011 she threw a personal best of  52.12. As a freshman while attending Rutgers University in 2001 she threw a personal best of 49.21m and was on a US Junior Team. Jen struggled after her freshman year and did not improve. She gave up the javelin after graduating in May 2004. She is looking to have a huge 2012 season propelling her towards an Olympic birth. Jen is hopeful with more individualized training and technical work she can have the 8+ meter improved she needs to make it to the next level.


Additional Athletes Coached

    Dana Pounds –Lyon   Personal Best   59.92m/196-7 (2008) Colorado Springs, Colo. USA 2010

    Career Highlights: 2008 Olympic Trials runner-up; 2007 USA Outdoor champion; Two-time USA Outdoor runner-up (’05, ’06) ; Two-time NCAA         

    champion. Dana has taken on many new ideas and incorporated them into her training. She is one of the most open minded athletes I have worked with and

    takes on new information easily and has a great capacity to change body movements.

Nia Barnes Javelin 16 yrs Personal Best 154’    West Orange HS New Jersey USA

Nia worked with me for 2 years and in that time a great deal of technical change occurred. Her performances in each year was staggering. She went through her final year undefeated and won the 2011 State Championships MOC by a large margin of 17 feet. She has now enrolled at University of Alabama.

Shauntierah Douglas 16 yrs Personal best 145’   Garfield HS New Jersey USA

As a junior Shauntierah took 3rd place at the 2011 state championships. In her senior year she is aiming for 160+ feet.

Jimmy Tully  17yrs  Personal best 202’  CBA New Jersey USA

Jimmy made considerable improvement and has enrolled at University of Pennsylvania.

Will Lauricella  17yrs  Personal Best 194’  Ridge HS New Jersey

Will’s first year at Ohio State has seen PR’s over 206’.

Phil Ragan  17 yrs Personal Best  196’  CBA New Jersey USA

Phil had a great year and has now enrolled at Manhattan College.

Josh Stinson  20 yrs Personal Best 58.50m  Rutgers Newark New Jersey USA

Josh made a huge improvement in 18 months improving by a staggering 10 meters.

Christian Spaulding  17 yrs Personal Best 198’  Middeltown North HS New Jersey USA

Christian has now enrolled at High point University.

Kate Shierlaw Javelin 18 yrs Personal Best 49.90m

Australian Junior Champion 2007 and 2008

World Junior Championships representative 2008

Josh Robinson Javelin- 1998-2000  Personal Best 80.90m (248’) 19 yrs old 6’1” 198lb

World Junior Championships Italy 2004 4th Final 73.40m (241’)

Australian Record Javelin 700g  (77.78m)

Stephanie Hancock Javelin 1998-2000  Personal Best 50.85m (166’8”) 17yr old

World Junior Championships South America 2000

Australian U18 Javelin Champion 1999

Australian Champion U20 2000

Australian Open Champion 2000. Won event as a 17 yr old.

Carly Cairns Javelin- 1997-2002  Personal Best 49.90m (163’7”)  17 yr old

     World Junior Championship qualifier 2000.

Rosie Hooper Javelin-   2002-2004  Personal best  58.88m (192’5”) Age 21yr old

Australian Open Womens Javelin Champion 2002 53.88m

Australian National Team 2001

Richard Brockett  Javelin 1998-2000   Personal Best  75.14m  (246’5”)

Queensland State Champion 1999

Australian Championships 2nd place

World University Games 1998

     Iain Simmons Javelin 2009 Personal best 73.46m

     Victorian Champion Improved from 60m to 73m in 2009

Monique Cilione Javelin 2009 14 yrs old  Personal Best 46.10m

Australian U14 Schools Champion and Record Holder

Rachel Gough Javelin 1996-1998  Personal Best  45.20m  (148’)  14 ½ yrs old

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Athletes Coached